"I was desperate and they started and finished my order in 2 DAYS!!!"
"Let me tell you how much this company means to me...I called these guys in desperation needing polo shirts within 2 days, they said No Problem AND they even made me a FREE SAMPLE that day to make sure the quality was perfect!

Everytime I call I always get a live person to speak to about my orders. Thank you guys for raising the bar and saving my neck from my Boss!"

Merilee K. Brown, "The Marketing Queen"

"Your website is Incredible!"
"We were using atleast 3 different vendors, then you became the clear choice in a very short period of time. Your company's quality products, backed up with attention to detail and superb customer service made my job easy.

From your award winning website that lets me get real time quotes and shipping rates to the creative ideas I get from your site - it is INCREDIBLE! I love how you are always adding to the trade show ideas because I hate using the same old boring things that everyone uses. And you've never told me NO yet when I drop the ball and order last minute. I wish you much success in exanding your services."

George Kaszacs, Culver Group

"FREE Samples for all Apparel orders with my logo on it - WOW!"
"Not once have you ever told me you couldn't accomodate me and your suggestions for improvement on my logo or choice of product have always been successful (I especially liked the new FREE Sample with my logo printed on them in 24-48 hrs!)

Your office staff certainly has customer service as a priority. Whenever I call I feel like someone special. They take care of my requests or make sure someone gets back to me who can. Your sales staff has been very responsive to my needs. Again, I am made to feel special, like my business is the most important thing to you. I have enjoyed our partnership over the past 5 years and am sure, as long as you keep giving customer service the way you have been, we will continue our partnership."

Lori Mitchell, Marketing Director - Coca Cola

"Their service is outstanding..."
"...patient, friendly, helpful, above all, cheerful in the face of adverse ordering conditions which could have reduced a less professional person to tears.

Changes occurred after the deadline to begin production and without hesitation, they executed not only our immediate wishes but because of their outstanding performance, foresaw possible problems before they became delays."

Bill Davis, Sales & Marketing Director, Nextel.

"Your Quality is Amazing!"
"I have received many positive comments about the quality and craftmanship of our hopsitality items. This is a difficult task considering orders are made from a picture on a website.

I had to trust the person with whom I was dealing. Thank you for supplying products of the highest quality and providing me with a representative with whom I plan to maintain a working relationship."

Mike Kellogg, Community Relations Representative, Boeing.

"I will make sure to let everyone know about YOU!"
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, so very much for making the drive to my house to deliver the shirts for our conference tomorrow. I can't tell you what that meant to me. The conference is being sponsored by our Ventura County Partnership for Safe Families ... to educate people about abuse, and to get the word out that we exist.

I will make sure I let everyone know at our next meeting what you did, and give them your information so they can order items from you.

Linda Miller, President & Founder of Support For The Kids

"100% Accuracy & On Time Delivery!"
.We've had a lot of problems in the past with order accuracy and with your FREE Pre-Production Samples on every apparel order, I can sleep at night knowing that you're going to get the order right the first time."

Stephen Taylor, Morgan Stanley

"Creative Ideas... That WORK"
.It really hit home to me when they let me know how things really work over there. They wanted to take the stress off of our staff and put the weight on theri shoulders. They wanted us to think of them as our FREE Marketing Department.

They were able to increase our last trade show leads by over 80%. My boss was blown away. We had been doing that show for years and never really getting qualified leads, but not anymore! We had people standing in line at our booth!"

Chuck Henderson, AMD